Just another day of ‘I don’t even know’

When you’re alone at home and you think to yourself “What have I done in these 17 years of my life?”, you realize that you haven’t done shit. This blog, I hope, will be able to serve this purpose of productivity.

A day comes in every teens life when your reply to every question thrown at you is ‘I don’t even know’. I think I’ve found the solution to this problem.

Being a teen of 17, mood swings is something that I experiance almost frequently. In order to avoid the consequences of these swings, one must realize that teenage is that age of unstability. Anger, hatred, lust and disgust are some of the common emotions faced by one at this point of life. If you recognize your behaviour towards such emotions, then I think you’re safe to go.

This idea of writing a blog was given to me by my friends, DD, who will be mentioned quite often in my posts. I am a person undergoing the expression of ‘I don’t even know’ almost everyday and it was DD who told me to write the reasons for this expression.

Expressing how you feel must not be considered as a crime. I feel like writing down your frustrations or happiness, for a matter of fact, or sharing them can help you overcome these thoughts of ‘I don’t even know’.

Tata bye.

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