Reasons to be Thankful

Positivity. An adjective most frequently used by my mates to describe me. You may wonder in this world of too much hatred and violence how I get the time to seek hapinness and zeal in the smallest of the so-called events.

Well, it was a year ago when I started appreciated the meaning of life and the consequences of it. It was also the year that I realized that I am not alone. Here are a few things that brought about this positivity and satisfaction within me:

  1. I have the coolest parents who love me and guide me. They have my best in interest and will do anything for my happiness. This may sound cliché but if you think about it, we are so fortunate to have guardians to brace you and bring out the best within you. There are many in this world who are deprived of this blessing. I shall be forever grateful for and to my parents.
  2. My buddies. The bridge to my happiness and the partner to my weirdness. Having people to crack a joke along with you or share your sorrows can definitely get the better you out. A small smile on someone’s face or knowing the fact that someone is there for you is after all which can make you glad.
  3. Food for survival, a roof over your head and fresh air to breathe may all seem like the last factor which can help you smile, however if you think of these itsy-bitsy  aspects being unavailable to someone but its available in plethora to you, then I think that can add-on to the happiness quotient.
  4. This video sure did make me cheerful and I think it may help you too:

These small factors help me, at least to an extent, to make me realize that I don’t need to remain gloomy or distressed when I have such an impressive circle of humans around me. Find happiness in the tiniest of happenings and positivity will knock right at your doorstep!

Tata bye.

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