Last first attempts?

Never trust Pinterest for your firsts. Especially when it comes to cooking, the vibrant images of the lava-filled mug cake just oozing out of the phone screen can sure tempt you to attempt that recipe.Unfortunately , I was the victim to that bait.

One fine day when I put on my creative cap, I decided to cook. Didn’t know that this day would move mountains and create storms in the kitchen ! It was a failure. No one would imagine such a disastrous result by making a mug cake, but creating the impossible is what I do.

The recipe was brief and precise. Simple to follow and required no baking or whatsoever. So how can one mess up this small recipe? Well, patience is key. But I’m not blaming my restless nature in this case. All I’m blaming is the crap recipe I found on Pinterest.Pinterest is great to surf and fascinate about. But not to experiment at least.

Four major ingredients were used:

  1. 2Tbspoon Butter
  2. 2 Tbspoon Cocoa Powder
  3. 4 Tbspoon Flour
  4. 4 Tbspoon White Sugar

All I had to do was stir all of them together and microwave it for about 40 seconds. Yes, a cake in 40 seconds? Not possible, but I realized it after I received a lump of uncooked batter.

You should never give up. I bet no one would’ve had a more dreadful attempt with cooking. But I will continue on my journey of mastering this art. I am a person who enjoys experimenting and I consider this as just a flaw in  my code. The entire program is yet to be executed and I shall be successful in my next attempts.

I returned back as a disappointed user of Pinterest. However I shall not stop trying. Trying to embarrass myself in every activity I do.

#positivity 🙂

Tata Bye.

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