The Interview 

You learn from your mistakes. And I hope to do that. 

Last week, our school held a brief interview for those aspiring to become the key position holders on the school’s leadership team. Leadership and administering are some of the qualities that I possess and I hoped to mention them in my interview. By the way, I was a candidate for that interview. Worthy or not? I don’t know. 

They say that once you’re on that platform, all you see are stars and wide judgemental faces looking upon you. That’s exactly what I saw. I am a confident young woman and never have I faced stage fright or anything of that sort. I love public speaking and my dream, at least at this present age, was to become a leader. I consider myself very approachable and friendly and by being a leader, I thought, that I could use this for a better purpose. 

That room was rectangular and had five leaders staring back at me, including the other candidates too. Maybe it’s the intimidating air that I breathed that made me lose my confidence. Or maybe I was just not the person for it. 

Being smart is what they see in leaders. I was not smart with my answers. I was rather air headed. When you’re asked if your skills, you do not talk about how you can dance and become a good leader! You do not talk about bringing happiness to other people’s faces. That’s exactly what I did and as a result I didn’t get that post. 

This was my first interview and I hope that I learned something from it. It’s been a week and this thought, this regret has been lingering ever since. Only if I were a little more confident. Only if I were to not care about the way others judged me. 

But it was an experience and I would love to discover more of these.  

Tata bye. 

2 thoughts on “The Interview 

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes we don’t get the stuff we want because it simply was not meant for us, and sometimes you don’t get it because something bigger is waiting 🙂 Chin up, you still have to lead.


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